This workshop is a satellite workshop of Asian Conference on Quantum Information Science (AQIS2014). This workshop focuses on quantum physics of quantum information processing, including physical implementations of QIP, quantum measurement, quantum feedback controls, quantum communication, quantum cryptography, quantum simulation, quantum computation, new paradigm of computation based on quantum technology. We are welcome to discuss both experimental and theoretical issues on quantum information processing.

Invited speakers
Dr. Takeshi Fukuhara (RIKEN)
Dr. Austin Fowler (UCSB/ The University of Melbourne) 
Prof. Masato Koashi (The University of Tokyo)
Prof. John M. Martinis (UCSB)
Prof. Hidetoshi Nishimori (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Dr. Jaw-Shen Tsai (RIKEN) 
Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto (RIKEN/ NII /Stanford)

We are accepting poster contributions. Please submit title and abstract (about 200 words) of your poster presentations.

Important Dates
Registration deadline including submissions for poster contributions: 11th Aug. 31st July 2014
→registration page (Registration is now opened!)
Registration has been closed (on-site registration will be available).

Sigma Hall, Engineering Science International Bldg. at Osaka University Toyonaka Campus
(Toyonaka campus map No. 21)
1-3 Machikaneyama, Toyonaka-City,
Osaka 560-0043, Japan

On 25th at 18:00-20:00, the conference dinner will be held at Osaka University Hall (bldg No. 31). The dinner will be served as a buffet style. 
Banquet fee: 
• student (pay in advance by 15th Aug.) 3000yen, (pay at workshop place) 4000yen 
• others (pay in advance by 15th Aug.) 5000yen, (pay at workshop place) 6000yen

How to access to Osaka University
 Access to Osaka University
 Toyonaka Campus map (Sigma Hall: No. 21, Osaka University Hall: No. 31)

Joint chairs: Nobuyuki Imoto (Osaka Univ.), Masahiro Kitagawa (Osaka Univ.)
Organizers: Takashi Yamamoto (Osaka Univ.), Rekishu Yamazaki (Tokyo Univ.), Yuuki Tokunaga (NTT), Makoto Negoro (Osaka Univ.), Keisuke Fujii (Kyoto Univ.), Rikizo Ikuta (Osaka Univ.)


This workshop is supported by

Quantum interface research planning group” belonging to Osaka University “Future Research Initiative Group Project Support”

Satellite workshop at Osaka University of AQIS 2014 (Kyoto)
Physics of Quantum 
Information Processing

Toward realization of large-scale quantum information systems
Date:25-26th August 2014
Venue:Sigma Hall (Engineering Science Int. Bldg.), Osaka University, Japan

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