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What is quantum information science


Quantum mechanics is the most fundamental framework for describing the microscopic physical world. Quantum mechanics, as such, was developed in the 20th century, and has been the backbone of modern technologies such as semiconductors, lasers, and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).
 In the 21st century, experimental controls of individual quantum systems have matured to directly observe the mysterious phenomena of quantum mechanics. Quantum information science is a field in which an information science approach is introduced to quantum mechanics to understand the world of quantum mechanics more precisely, and based on this understanding, apply the mysterious phenomena of quantum mechanics to information processing.


What our group are doing

In our group, we are conducting a wide range of theoretical research on quantum information, from the fundamentals to applications. We are conducting research on quantum computers that perform calculations based on quantum mechanics. As a long-term goal, we are investigating methods for overcoming noise, which is indispensable for realizing large-scale quantum computers, quantum error correction and fault-tolerant quantum computers. As a near-term goal, we are seeking applications of NISQ (Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum technology) devices for practical purpose. These are interdisciplinary research based on knowledge from a wide range of fields, including fundamental physics, computer science, programming, and machine learning.


Join our group

We are always looking for motivated and talented students and researchers. If you are interested, please contact us.